Sleuthy Summary 14

This is it. My last sleuthy summary of the year! Kind of a sad moment if I’m honest.

This was definitely a cool class that exposed me to many new digital studies. I also really got to explore some creativity that I never knew I was capable of. With a lot of my ideas, I tend to keep them contained and never act on them, but this class really got me to open up and make some really cool projects. Here’s a couple tips for the incoming class:

Advice Incoming!

My final project turned out kinda cool in my opinion. It’s here:

The Final Battle.

I loved making the audio stories in other parts of the class and that didn’t change at all for this project. That’s exactly why I chose to make an audio clip, I enjoy it that much. This one turned out to be shorter because of time constraints. I was still able to add some decent little sound effects to it to make it more believable and I was overall happy with it. I definitely learned a lot more about this area and learned I have a sort of passion for it so it would seem.

Another part of my project that seemed to fill a gap was making the logo for Aaron Brand’s tax company. It was a minor design, but still sort of cool and ties the story together a little bit more, makes it slightly more complete. Another neat design piece I half made was the Wanted poster. I found a website where I could enter in whatever I wanted to be on it and it would generate the poster, which was awesome.

The biggest part of this project for me was the sort of storybook I made with pictures. I purposely made small caption-like comments for each of the pictures because they needed to be simple and I wanted the focus to be on the pictures. The pictures were all mine from earlier this year that I had taken of my life and events. There were a couple of pictures that I wanted to use but couldn’t quite tie into the story. Overall the “mission” was short, but it got accomplished in glorious fashion.

Again, I really liked this class. I love learning about digital things and technology, and this was an awesome introductory environment to do so in.

Signing off of ds106 but never truly gone,

-Kevin Burkehalter (Kevin France)

Final Week Progress

For the final week, I ran a twitter poll for Agent Aaron Brand AKA The Accountant:

Based on the result of this, I will develop a story related to item 1,2 and 4. The plan for now is that The Accountant will either be the double agent or come into contact with another double agent. They will also be working in and around Canada. How does Prof. Bond play into this situation with the Accountant and the Russians? These are all going to tie together nicely.

Of course, the real challenge here will be if I want to incorporate older material into my story, or just create all new material, which seems like the best idea at the moment.


Sleuth Summary 12

This week was cool, I enjoyed the mashups. I wish I was better and more ambitious about the video mashups, but I don’t have a great grasp on it, or a great software choice. So I stuck with images, which I really enjoy fiddling with.

My daily creates are here:

Here are my mashups:

Logo Mashup

Consumer Mashup

Spy Emoji Mashup

Aaaaaand my remix. I definitely think this was one of the goofiest things I’ve made thus far.


Weekly Summary 11

This week was a lot of videos which I really liked making. I definitely need to invest in some better software for Windows, as well as a better audio setup. Here’s my video assignments:

A Day In The Life: Costanza Quality

How I Made It

Backwards Video oediV sdrawkcaB

I really liked making and editing these videos, particularly the backwards one and the video documenting my day. I find making a video with a purpose generally turns out much better for me. I’m definitely a person that thrives with some sort of boundary or guideline to begin with. Usually once I have something to work with, is when I really begin to change and grow my ideas for a project or something I’m working on.

My daily creates are here:

Finally, here is the next mission.

The Mission.

As I saw others mention, I wasn’t really sure what a new Mission meant… So I went for a new theme!

Sleuth Summary 10

This week was a video heavy week and are always fun because there is the most options in the assignment bank for this topic. Below are the assignments that I created for this week, and I’ll admit, they’re basic.

My assignments are as follows:

Where Do Your Shoes Take You?

Just a Few of My Favorite Things


Here is my character interview:

Character Interview

Sleuth Summary 9



This week I was very strained on time and didn’t particularly enjoy the web assignments as much, and there wasn’t as large of a selection of them either which was disappointing. Here’s my work from the week!


Google Translate FAIL

Google Maps Trip

Google Draw Something

My best of the best assignments:

The Best of the Best

My reactions to a radio show:

Radio Show Reactions

And lastly my Daily Create Story:

Daily Create Story

Sleuth Summary 6

This week was a little challenging to find motivation, especially for the Design Blitz. However, I loved the Netflix Abstract series and will be watching through those extensively!

My Daily Creates are as follows:

My Design Blitz can be found here:

Blitz the Design!

I give commentary about my thoughts on the pictures as well as the simple design principles I tried to implement. I thought creating some of my shots rather than finding random things in my environment would give me good practice at actually understanding and seeing a specific principle in action.

This is a little post I wrote about abstract design:

Abstract Design

The design assignments for this week are as follows:

Simplistic Logo

Minimalist Movie Poster


Custom Shoes

Sleuth Summary 4

Week 4 and I really enjoyed myself. Photography is definitely my favorite medium to create and appreciate.

The visual assignments have also been my favorite so far. Love At First Awkward Encounter was definitely one of my favorite assignments so far. Being able to take a picture of my friends and capture a raw moment and expression is always a really cool opportunity. Adding a cool background and setting to the picture makes it even better in my eyes. And then being able to write a fun, creative story about said photo made it even better. Just getting to think about a story and then write and let the thoughts flow is a very fun activity for me, personally.

Seeing Color and my Civil War reenactment photo was also really fun and creative. I loved editing and shaping the picture to fit a mood or change the perspective of it. Adding a hue to a photo can really add and change the feeling of a picture, particularly red. The original picture was all green and lush and natural, but after the red it blurs the colors together and from a distance, gives a very different perspective.

Finally, the photoblitz! My favorite assignment this week. I got to play with my roommates DSLR and take some cool shots. I especially liked the ground level shot and taking pictures of people around me and their interactions with each other. Taking pictures of isolated objects also has a cool feel to it, it allows you to line up shots and really refine the subject in a small environment.






Those are all from my flickr!

Sleuth Summary 3

Week three: check!

This week was very writing intensive and creative, which overall, I liked. I felt like there was overall a lot of work though. The movie took a huge chunk of time and because I have already seen many spy movies, I saw no major benefit in terms of learning about the topic. However, it was cool to watch a movie in black and white. I don’t ever get to see those anymore.

The spy theme is becoming increasingly hard to create fun wording without repeating things. The theme is also pretty straight-forward and doesn’t allow for the most creativity, as I mentioned in my blog post here.

The daily creates were pretty good, but a little bit tougher to create on my own this week. The bond name generator daily create was fun and quick to make:

Another daily create was to make a blurred picture, and because it was Friday, I was excited!

The final daily create was to figure out the ultimate tool for creativity. I said boredom was, because it usually spawns the best and most creative of ideas, practical or not. If used as a tool and one doesn’t stew in boredom, great things can come from it!

The next few assignments we picked were from the assignment bank under the writing section totaling 8 stars. They were pretty creative which I liked, but I was also not sure how much I was supposed to write for them. I attempted to make a full story out of all of the topics but wasn’t fully successful I feel in some ways. My three writing assignments are here.

My final project for the week was my character’s dossier, Kevin Burkhalter. This was definitely my favorite thing this week and I look forward to incorporating him into future assignments as well as continuing to grow and develop his current and back story.

Until next time.

Sleuth Summary 1

This week was a very interesting start to the semester, mostly because of this class. The overall structure and thought process and freedom is so great that you can’t relate it or work on it like any other class. It really stresses creativity and overall management skills, but in a new and interesting way. I can already feel myself getting excited for some of the content I’m going to create, but also content from the rest of the class. I love creativity and humor and there seems to be a lot of it floating around already.


The SoundCloud part of this week was interesting and definitely the hardest, just because I had never made a podcast piece of content before. Recording things on the fly are not my strong suit and I tend to get a little long-winded or side tracked, so this will definitely be good practice for planning out talks and sticking to the overall structure of them. My first talk, recording, podcast or whatever you wanna call it is here:


Moving to a new topic, I really really really enjoy photography and pictures in general! That is definitely something that I hope I become a little more involved with soon, maybe even through this class. I find myself knowing sort of how to line up shots and such and get a relatively good base image, my trouble comes either in going places worth photographing, or in post production which makes some photos really shine or change the overall feel and look of it. Flickr is a pretty cool place for photographs of any and everything and maybe I’ll find a few people to take some tips from on there! Also investing in a good camera and maybe some software would be worth it in the future if I ever become serious about it. The really cool thing about photography is that it takes you on adventures and to see things you wouldn’t normally see, which is a really cool idea to me. It also gives me a way to reminisce and glorify God and his beautiful planet through artwork and pictures. Here’s a couple pictures I just uploaded:






Overall, I learned a lot this week in a very short time. I was able to set-up my own website and sub-domain, as well as begin creating with purpose. I learned a lot behind the creative process and what my strengths and weaknesses will be in that process. I’m just overall excited to get into some more work and get to creating more content!

Until next time!