A Day In The Life: Costanza Quality

This is a video about my day. It just includes a short trip I made. Can you guess where?

I really liked making this video overall, but the actual process itself was odd. Recording a video in public is not really something I’m comfortable with and I don’t think many other people around me would be either. However, I really love the entire editing process. I’m a picky person so I like when the music sorta makes sense with the mood of what I’m seeing and that it all flows and matches up properly.

I’m also a huge fan of the “feet only” shot personally. If I had walked next to some more interesting things, it would have definitely been a cooler, more interesting video. I also which I had more music to use, that didn’t exactly flow how I wanted, but I was strapped on time.

I’m also amazed at how easy it was to make everything work, I recorded on my iPhone 6, and edited the entire thing on iMovie. It was a fun process for sure.

My only problems so far have been how to effectively transfer media from place to place, and then uploading is always horrible on the school’s wifi. Otherwise, a cool process.