Spy Emoji Mashup

This photo was taken while at a top secret spy meeting. This is my colleague, Agent 00009. This shot of him is currently classified and is by no means allowed to be seen by any outsider of the organization for fear of recognition.

During this picture, we were discussing the potential outcomes and risks associated with dropping the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb. This was the face of a man genuinely concerned for everyone’s well being, the face of a man who heavily weighed his options, not taking any bias or favoritism into consideration. This was a decision maker. This was Agent 00009.

Consumer Mashup

These two logo mashups were great. The North Face is one of many people’s, including my own, favorite brands and is known for it’s really simple text logo. The cliff logo is from Prudential Financial and is also relatively clean and simple.

Choosing all black made things really simple and made the overall design and look of these mashups even better in my opinion.

The second mashup is of the Playboy Bunny, which I always thought to be funny, and IHOP. Because what else do Playboy bunnies eat? This one was definitely more humorous than the first, but kept the same simple all black stripped-down type of design aspect that I think works incredibly well in todays markets.

Logo Mashup

Originally, my family and I are from Cleveland and we’re all into sports. So naturally, I knew which couple of teams I could pick from for this assignment.

This logo is the Cleveland Cavaliers sword logo, mashed up with the Cleveland Browns name and colors. Turned out really cool actually! I was surprised.

I would love to see some creativity like this in actual leagues, however it would definitely cause some controversy to die hard fans. They identify with one team and ONE TEAM only. However, if there were to be a farm system created for the NFL or NBA, like the MLB currently has, the leagues could definitely look to the fans for inspiration. Many of the current Minor League baseball teams have fan picked logos and mascots, which is an awesome point of pride for a city.