Google Translate FAIL

This was the Chinese version of the magical wolf shirt on Amazon. I translated this ad and the English translation is really weird honestly, I can’t quite follow all of it. For example, the “Suitable for: Too large” was an interesting translation. The version is “loose version” and it uses “3D effect printing, super vision effect” which just doesn’t sound right! How weird.

Google Maps Trip

Here is a screenshot of Google maps of exactly where I would travel to given the chance! Right around the area of Aspen and the White River National Forest. I’ve heard some of the absolute best things about Colorado as a whole, and am so excited to go one day.

My ideal trip would be to drive out there and make plenty of trips along the way, then hopefully stay in or around Aspen for a week. The best trip would be to somehow incorporate back country skiing as well as some sort of hiking or camping!

The Best of the Best

The three best assignments I saw in recent work was Hobby, Eenie Meenie, and Ghost.

I really enjoyed Hobby because it was video games, which I love playing! It’s always nice to find new games and peoples perspectives and reasons they like the games. I actually watch a lot of YouTube videos of people gaming, so this was very similar.

I liked the Eenie Meenie Miny Moe assignment because of the point made in the authors post. She mentioned this tool being used to teach English to non-native speakers and they can control the pace at which they read which is awesome. Also, with the format of her Stepwork, it emphasized and zoomed in on certain words, which would also find use when teaching languages.

I liked the Ghost video just because it was really funny! I also am a huge fan of athletics and plan to coach at some point, and I enjoyed seeing a positive environment from a competitive team and organization, which was created by the coach. Props to you!

Radio Show Reactions

So I listened to the Cloak and Dagger radio show. This was the only show that I had time to listen to unfortunately but it was enough to compare to own work and ways of going about things.

The overall sound of the show was decent but not consistent. Volumes were the biggest issue, as they went up and down. There were various pauses in the show that should have easily been fixed.

My only overall issues with this show was the overall quality and composition, which is what really sells a show in my opinion. I am in no means an expert or professional, just my thoughts.

The “Nancy” caller show was definitely a good idea, I enjoyed that.

I was a little confused by the way the main character told his story… It sounds like he talks to himself, but at the same time, he talks in third person which just really throws me off. It honestly leads me to believe the guy is a little crazy and talks to himself like he’s writing his own autobiography. Weird. Also mildly reminds me of ‘Malcom in the Middle’ where Malcom drops in and out of the scene.

I liked the office sounds in the background, but sometimes they seemed out of place. The consistent talking seems out of place in same parts of the show. Again, the changes in vo ice sound from the same person really bugged me.

The ideas of the show overall were really cool though, I enjoyed the theme of it and the mystery of it.

Sleuth Summary 8

This was the week where we made our final radio show! Our group included Hannah Bruns, Krystal Heflin, and Rachel Ayers. This turned out to be a really awesome group and it was a really fun time for the four of us.

The overall theme we decided on was Miami Spy Con 2017 and we decided we would do interviews with spies as our main subject. We definitely went for a more comical loose approach to the entire show, which I really enjoyed.

The production of the overall show wasn’t too difficult, just tedious, as mentioned before. The managing of all of the audio files definitely proved to be the most difficult part. I ended up recording most of the clips and then editing the entire thing, which I really enjoyed. That was definitely the majority of my work on this project and I was okay with that. I still contributed to some of the audio work, but I let the girls do most of the “interviews”.

My other job was to make the Austin Powers interview which I had a blast doing. It was actually difficult finding clean humor to incorporate into this, because Austin isn’t exactly the most tame spy… But very fun none the less. I had to include one “explicit” clip, just for fun haha.

The overall recording quality was the most difficult part. Because the HCC has limited hours, we couldn’t use the mic for as long as I would’ve liked. But it turned out okay. I definitely need to invest in some good audio equipment soon…

Anyways, here’s our show!

Sleuth Summary 7

This week wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed the assignments because I enjoy working with audio and producing cool sounds and beats and such.

Here are my daily creates:

Aaaaand here are my audio assignment, which again, I really enjoyed because of the beats creation and I just love music and every aspect of it.

Voice Over Beat

Guess My Favorite Song

Being a DJ For a Day

In terms of our radio show, it was a little bit difficult collaborating for the start of our show. We never had a great time to meet up collectively, so we all collaborated using email, texts, and a Google doc and eventually decided on a rough topic for our show: Miami Spy Con 2017. I made a logo for the event here:

The progress for our first week is also written in more detail here:

Keep Sleuthin’!