Backwards Video oediV sdrawkcaB

This again was a short little video that I just had a lot ¬†of fun with. I just recorded this with my phone and edited in iMovie again. I just used a random sound effect from iMovie and it didn’t quite match up how I wanted.

I originally thought of just doing someone jumping up and down, but decided to do this instead, because it seemed harder to do, per-say, in reverse.

How I Made It

Here’s a simple video talking about some of the Vimeo shots I took here. That’s is a Flickr link to all of what I’ve posted, but there are a few in particular that I mention, such as the sunglasses shots, the bat shots and the ground-level shots. Those are definitely some of my favorites that I’ve made.

Looking back at those “scenes”, I still felt the same way about the shots; I liked the angles. Looking at these places everyday definitely makes them more normal to the eye, but at the same time, I see some more potential with each of the shots. Setting up different angles, would definitely be the most drastic, however the lighting in the room would change each shot too.

Weekly Summary 11

This week was a lot of videos which I really liked making. I definitely need to invest in some better software for Windows, as well as a better audio setup. Here’s my video assignments:

A Day In The Life: Costanza Quality

How I Made It

Backwards Video oediV sdrawkcaB

I really liked making and editing these videos, particularly the backwards one and the video documenting my day. I find making a video with a purpose generally turns out much better for me. I’m definitely a person that thrives with some sort of boundary or guideline to begin with. Usually once I have something to work with, is when I really begin to change and grow my ideas for a project or something I’m working on.

My daily creates are here:

Finally, here is the next mission.

The Mission.

As I saw others mention, I wasn’t really sure what a new Mission meant… So I went for a new theme!

A Day In The Life: Costanza Quality

This is a video about my day. It just includes a short trip I made. Can you guess where?

I really liked making this video overall, but the actual process itself was odd. Recording a video in public is not really something I’m comfortable with and I don’t think many other people around me would be either. However, I really love the entire editing process. I’m a picky person so I like when the music sorta makes sense with the mood of what I’m seeing and that it all flows and matches up properly.

I’m also a huge fan of the “feet only” shot personally. If I had walked next to some more interesting things, it would have definitely been a cooler, more interesting video. I also which I had more music to use, that didn’t exactly flow how I wanted, but I was strapped on time.

I’m also amazed at how easy it was to make everything work, I recorded on my iPhone 6, and edited the entire thing on iMovie. It was a fun process for sure.

My only problems so far have been how to effectively transfer media from place to place, and then uploading is always horrible on the school’s wifi. Otherwise, a cool process.

Where Do Your Shoes Take You?

This was a very cool video to make for me personally! I like making short videos that are simple but creative-ish. Here was my attempt of an all foot view video:

I definitely wish I had made this when it was light out and I wish that I had held my phone horizontally for a better shot. Definitely learning points for the future.

Sleuth Summary 10

This week was a video heavy week and are always fun because there is the most options in the assignment bank for this topic. Below are the assignments that I created for this week, and I’ll admit, they’re basic.

My assignments are as follows:

Where Do Your Shoes Take You?

Just a Few of My Favorite Things


Here is my character interview:

Character Interview

Daily Create Story

The Underwater Monkey Biker Gang was a notoriously rowdy group. They only had one “soft” habit: they gave out badges for tasks assigned to group members.

The top two members in the Gang, holding the most badges, compete for the top Gang Member spot. The winner gets the ability to use the groups only water tank to surface and walk on land. The loser has to jump down the Mariana’s Trench.

The final task of the group was to steal another water tank from a rival gang for a reward of FIVE badges. Seeing this as a major task to prove his worth, Jingles decided to try the heist first. Unfortunately, one of the gang members that was in competition for the top two spots got captured in another place during Jingle’s heist. He ended up ratting out Jingles! This was his reaction to being so close to being top monkey…

The result was that Jingles ended up as the monkey with the second highest badge count and because he was imprisoned from being tattled on, couldn’t compete in the final challenge. He was automatically the loser and as soon as he returned to the gang, he was greeted with the following reception…

Down went Jingles into the Trench. RIP.

Sleuth Summary 9



This week I was very strained on time and didn’t particularly enjoy the web assignments as much, and there wasn’t as large of a selection of them either which was disappointing. Here’s my work from the week!


Google Translate FAIL

Google Maps Trip

Google Draw Something

My best of the best assignments:

The Best of the Best

My reactions to a radio show:

Radio Show Reactions

And lastly my Daily Create Story:

Daily Create Story