Weekly Summary 11

This week was a lot of videos which I really liked making. I definitely need to invest in some better software for Windows, as well as a better audio setup. Here’s my video assignments:

A Day In The Life: Costanza Quality

How I Made It

Backwards Video oediV sdrawkcaB

I really liked making and editing these videos, particularly the backwards one and the video documenting my day. I find making a video with a purpose generally turns out much better for me. I’m definitely a person that thrives with some sort of boundary or guideline to begin with. Usually once I have something to work with, is when I really begin to change and grow my ideas for a project or something I’m working on.

My daily creates are here:

Finally, here is the next mission.

The Mission.

As I saw others mention, I wasn’t really sure what a new Mission meant… So I went for a new theme!

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