Sleuth Summary 1

This week was a very interesting start to the semester, mostly because of this class. The overall structure and thought process and freedom is so great that you can’t relate it or work on it like any other class. It really stresses creativity and overall management skills, but in a new and interesting way. I can already feel myself getting excited for some of the content I’m going to create, but also content from the rest of the class. I love creativity and humor and there seems to be a lot of it floating around already.


The SoundCloud part of this week was interesting and definitely the hardest, just because I had never made a podcast piece of content before. Recording things on the fly are not my strong suit and I tend to get a little long-winded or side tracked, so this will definitely be good practice for planning out talks and sticking to the overall structure of them. My first talk, recording, podcast or whatever you wanna call it is here:


Moving to a new topic, I really really really enjoy photography and pictures in general! That is definitely something that I hope I become a little more involved with soon, maybe even through this class. I find myself knowing sort of how to line up shots and such and get a relatively good base image, my trouble comes either in going places worth photographing, or in post production which makes some photos really shine or change the overall feel and look of it. Flickr is a pretty cool place for photographs of any and everything and maybe I’ll find a few people to take some tips from on there! Also investing in a good camera and maybe some software would be worth it in the future if I ever become serious about it. The really cool thing about photography is that it takes you on adventures and to see things you wouldn’t normally see, which is a really cool idea to me. It also gives me a way to reminisce and glorify God and his beautiful planet through artwork and pictures. Here’s a couple pictures I just uploaded:






Overall, I learned a lot this week in a very short time. I was able to set-up my own website and sub-domain, as well as begin creating with purpose. I learned a lot behind the creative process and what my strengths and weaknesses will be in that process. I’m just overall excited to get into some more work and get to creating more content!

Until next time!

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