The Swiss Sleuth’s Dossier

Burkhalter, Kevin

Born in the Swiss Alps to mother Caroline Almeida and father Baron Burkhalter.

Profession is a professor in the College of Science and Technology at Harvard University.

Hobbies include skiing, playing slow pitch softball, fishing (regular, fly, ice) as well as mountain climbing and free climbing.

Academic interests include computer science (security), art history, music history and composition, and quantum and experimental physics.

Fluent in 5 languages (enlgish, spanish, german, albanian, and arabic).

Married and widowed to the late Jasmine Yvgenny Burkhalter.

Has two children Jason (17) and Marilyn (20) Burkhalter.

Was deployed in Afghanistan, Georgia, and Saudi Arabia for Espionage and Reconnaissance on behalf of and protected by the United States of America.

More information about deployment specifics etc… can be provided upon request.

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