The Final Battle.

This is Aaron Brand. The Accountant, is what they call him.

He says he just does people’s taxes. Last time I checked murder and theft weren’t on a W-2 form. This guy has to be stopped, and I’ve been itchin’ to deal out a healthy dose of justice. Here’s my one and only chance to stop this evil-doer.

Below is the logo of his supposed tax preparation company… I have intelligence to prove the entire company is a front for hired murder of individuals.

This is a tapped phone call that I acquired through my investigation. The evidence speaks for itself.

Who am I? I need no introduction, you know who I am. You know why I’m here. You know what I do. Let’s tango.


The way that the Accountant has been manipulating people has been masterful. He knows each step to make, like a practiced pianist flows through Beethoven.


It’s a good thing I’ve trained years for this. All my preparation is leading to the take-down of a master. I will not be manipulated. Burkehalter shall fell Goliath.


There he is. Relaxing with so called “friends”. ¬†Little do they know who he really is… This is the time to strike. The final blow shall be dealt.


Sparks flew as we clashed. The sheer energy and power between us was almost unbearable.


The hard fought battle is over. The world is rid of a pest. He is no more. Recovery for me will be long and painful. But there is no price for justice.


Freedom among those victimized was immediately apparent. The bond has been broken, friend. Celebrate with me!


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