The Best of the Best

The three best assignments I saw in recent work was Hobby, Eenie Meenie, and Ghost.

I really enjoyed Hobby because it was video games, which I love playing! It’s always nice to find new games and peoples perspectives and reasons they like the games. I actually watch a lot of YouTube videos of people gaming, so this was very similar.

I liked the Eenie Meenie Miny Moe assignment because of the point made in the authors post. She mentioned this tool being used to teach English to non-native speakers and they can control the pace at which they read which is awesome. Also, with the format of her Stepwork, it emphasized and zoomed in on certain words, which would also find use when teaching languages.

I liked the Ghost video just because it was really funny! I also am a huge fan of athletics and plan to coach at some point, and I enjoyed seeing a positive environment from a competitive team and organization, which was created by the coach. Props to you!

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