Sleuthy Summary 14

This is it. My last sleuthy summary of the year! Kind of a sad moment if I’m honest.

This was definitely a cool class that exposed me to many new digital studies. I also really got to explore some creativity that I never knew I was capable of. With a lot of my ideas, I tend to keep them contained and never act on them, but this class really got me to open up and make some really cool projects. Here’s a couple tips for the incoming class:

Advice Incoming!

My final project turned out kinda cool in my opinion. It’s here:

The Final Battle.

I loved making the audio stories in other parts of the class and that didn’t change at all for this project. That’s exactly why I chose to make an audio clip, I enjoy it that much. This one turned out to be shorter because of time constraints. I was still able to add some decent little sound effects to it to make it more believable and I was overall happy with it. I definitely learned a lot more about this area and learned I have a sort of passion for it so it would seem.

Another part of my project that seemed to fill a gap was making the logo for Aaron Brand’s tax company. It was a minor design, but still sort of cool and ties the story together a little bit more, makes it slightly more complete. Another neat design piece I half made was the Wanted poster. I found a website where I could enter in whatever I wanted to be on it and it would generate the poster, which was awesome.

The biggest part of this project for me was the sort of storybook I made with pictures. I purposely made small caption-like comments for each of the pictures because they needed to be simple and I wanted the focus to be on the pictures. The pictures were all mine from earlier this year that I had taken of my life and events. There were a couple of pictures that I wanted to use but couldn’t quite tie into the story. Overall the “mission” was short, but it got accomplished in glorious fashion.

Again, I really liked this class. I love learning about digital things and technology, and this was an awesome introductory environment to do so in.

Signing off of ds106 but never truly gone,

-Kevin Burkehalter (Kevin France)

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