Sleuth Summary 4

Week 4 and I really enjoyed myself. Photography is definitely my favorite medium to create and appreciate.

The visual assignments have also been my favorite so far. Love At First Awkward Encounter was definitely one of my favorite assignments so far. Being able to take a picture of my friends and capture a raw moment and expression is always a really cool opportunity. Adding a cool background and setting to the picture makes it even better in my eyes. And then being able to write a fun, creative story about said photo made it even better. Just getting to think about a story and then write and let the thoughts flow is a very fun activity for me, personally.

Seeing Color and my Civil War reenactment photo was also really fun and creative. I loved editing and shaping the picture to fit a mood or change the perspective of it. Adding a hue to a photo can really add and change the feeling of a picture, particularly red. The original picture was all green and lush and natural, but after the red it blurs the colors together and from a distance, gives a very different perspective.

Finally, the photoblitz! My favorite assignment this week. I got to play with my roommates DSLR and take some cool shots. I especially liked the ground level shot and taking pictures of people around me and their interactions with each other. Taking pictures of isolated objects also has a cool feel to it, it allows you to line up shots and really refine the subject in a small environment.






Those are all from my flickr!

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