Sleuth Summary 3

Week three: check!

This week was very writing intensive and creative, which overall, I liked. I felt like there was overall a lot of work though. The movie took a huge chunk of time and because I have already seen many spy movies, I saw no major benefit in terms of learning about the topic. However, it was cool to watch a movie in black and white. I don’t ever get to see those anymore.

The spy theme is becoming increasingly hard to create fun wording without repeating things. The theme is also pretty straight-forward and doesn’t allow for the most creativity, as I mentioned in my blog post here.

The daily creates were pretty good, but a little bit tougher to create on my own this week. The bond name generator daily create was fun and quick to make:

Another daily create was to make a blurred picture, and because it was Friday, I was excited!

The final daily create was to figure out the ultimate tool for creativity. I said boredom was, because it usually spawns the best and most creative of ideas, practical or not. If used as a tool and one doesn’t stew in boredom, great things can come from it!

The next few assignments we picked were from the assignment bank under the writing section totaling 8 stars. They were pretty creative which I liked, but I was also not sure how much I was supposed to write for them. I attempted to make a full story out of all of the topics but wasn’t fully successful I feel in some ways. My three writing assignments are here.

My final project for the week was my character’s dossier, Kevin Burkhalter. This was definitely my favorite thing this week and I look forward to incorporating him into future assignments as well as continuing to grow and develop his current and back story.

Until next time.

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