Sleuth Summary 2

Week two!

This week I was very rushed, but actually really enjoyed my time working on these assignments. My favorite by far was making some pixel art and browsing the internet looking for some inspiration. The visual assignment was called 256 Points and had us make our own 16×16 pixel art. Here’s what I came up with:

I got some inspiration from a lot of the video games I play and types of games I like, such as Skyrim and others that incorporate a lot of magic and medieval themes.

Another assignment I did this week was an Animated GIF assignment, which had us make a GIF of a reaction. I chose a little scene from one of my favorite movies ever, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where Ferris sneakily goes to pick up his crush, Sloane Peterson, and his buddy Cameron has to hide under the cover. The reaction after the trio pulls off the stunt is an awesome scene and is what I chose to make a GIF of:

This is an awesome reaction because the trio are skipping school and successfully pulled off their stunt without a hitch! Successful sleuthing!

The third assignment was a writing assignment about a song and the feelings it evokes within me. The song I chose was the Intro to Logic’s first album, ‘Under Pressure’. This song just gets to me because it’s a really dramatic and memorable intro to an absolutely awesome album. This is some of the only music that I genuinely want to listen to time and time again and want to hear and dissect each word, each verse and get all of the meaning out of these songs. Some of my favorite music ever follows this intro:

The daily creates were a little more strained for creativity for myself becaue they were pretty tied down in terms of the subject matter. I liked thinking about what I could make out of what I was given, but still found them a little challenging and definitely tough remembering to keep up with throughout the week, instead of all at once. My three daily creates were:

I particularly enjoyed the storyboard daily create because I love YouTube as a platform, and I also love pictures and photography. Seeing a visually pleasing video made into visually pleasing pictures was really awesome. Plus I also looked through my old favorited videos on YouTube which were a lot of fond memories. The mystery machine picture was funny and I tried to kinda recreate the theme of what was wanted, but had multiple ideas of what to do. At one point when I had longer hair and scruffy facial hair, a few friends called me shaggy so that was definitely another idea of mine, but not what I settled on. The third daily create was a long shot for me as I know nothing about philosophy. I tried meshing that theme with the spy theme and had average success, but wasn’t particularly proud of the t-shirt design I came up with. I personally would’ve liked just a spy themed t-shirt and had a great idea for a t-shirt with that theme.

Overall, definitely liking the theme and making my own sleuthy twist. I definitely need to start on this work ahead of time during the week and not tie myself down this late at night. But, I suppose I “thrive” under pressure. I really do enjoy this work and being creative, so that’s definitely incentive to make myself time to make better use of my time so I can create better content.


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  1. I really love the the pixel dragon that you came up with! You’ve given me inspiration to do the 256 points assignment in the future and make my own creature 🙂

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