Radio Show Thoughts

Radio shows are something very new to me. I don’t typically listen to much radio or podcasts, I watch a lot of videos and listen to music. I think that an interesting concept would be to orally describe video-games, or even make a new genre of games that are more audio based. There is little to no audio interaction with most if not all games these days, other than communicating directly with other players.

My thought for a radio show would be something along the lines of reading an adventure out loud. The details would be impeccable and descriptive and paint vivid pictures of a clear scene and action. There would ideally be some way of having input to the game, either through direct text input, or by saying text and having the game dictate what was said as a command. Think of this almost as like an auditory only dungeons and dragons. You would picture your character in your head and the moves that they make, and it’s all your own creativity and thoughts that fuel the story. Because it’s all oral, there is literally no limit to the amount of possibilities for a situation or event in a game, which is a really cool concept. Of course there would be many many little details to be sorted out, but the creativity and memory of the listener and players would legitimately be benefited by playing a game like this.

In terms of the layout of the radio show/game, it of course would only be a 20-30 minute session, unless the listener chose to go longer. The way it could work individually is that each listener has their own unique game to play. They submit details and a program could then respond with some premade events or something that were randomized. As a community, the show could be going on live and anyone tuned in could submit actions to take and then there would be a live vote and the winner of the vote would be the action carried out on the broadcast.

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