Radio Show Reactions

So I listened to the Cloak and Dagger radio show. This was the only show that I had time to listen to unfortunately but it was enough to compare to own work and ways of going about things.

The overall sound of the show was decent but not consistent. Volumes were the biggest issue, as they went up and down. There were various pauses in the show that should have easily been fixed.

My only overall issues with this show was the overall quality and composition, which is what really sells a show in my opinion. I am in no means an expert or professional, just my thoughts.

The “Nancy” caller show was definitely a good idea, I enjoyed that.

I was a little confused by the way the main character told his story… It sounds like he talks to himself, but at the same time, he talks in third person which just really throws me off. It honestly leads me to believe the guy is a little crazy and talks to himself like he’s writing his own autobiography. Weird. Also mildly reminds me of ‘Malcom in the Middle’ where Malcom drops in and out of the scene.

I liked the office sounds in the background, but sometimes they seemed out of place. The consistent talking seems out of place in same parts of the show. Again, the changes in vo ice sound from the same person really bugged me.

The ideas of the show overall were really cool though, I enjoyed the theme of it and the mystery of it.

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