Love At First Awkward Encounter

These are my two friends; Brick and Yak. This is the story of their story.

Brick was a cute blonde who frequently saw Yak and gave him shy sideways smiles. Yak was not a cute blonde and never knew what to say to Brick in passing.

Brick and Yak had mutual friends that often hung out and went to events around campus, but they never found themselves together in close proximity.

One day, a group of Yak’s friends and a group of Brick’s friends decided to go watch a local ¬†University of Martha Welsh field hockey game together. This was their moment in destiny.

The two groups were approaching a place to sit, and Yak grew increasingly nervous; he was walking near Brick but desperately wanted to sit next to her finally. It just so happened that as Brick was sitting down, Yak’s friend, being the jerk that he was, tripped him! The result of Yak’s fall would land him directly next to Brick.

As he came crashing down, Brick was looked on astonishingly and made sure he was okay after his fall. At that moment, Yak knew exactly what to say: “I’m much better now that I’m by your side.” BOOM. HOOK LINE AND SINKER. Just like that, fate was set. The look Brick gave Yak just after he said his killer line is what I miraculously captured, being amplified by a supremely stunning sunset. Picturesque destiny in a photograph.

This was just a simple funny story with a cool picture. My friends were in the perfect place for a cool picture and I tried to take advantage of the moment. I love sunsets and don’t take enough pictures of people and especially people’s faces. So that’s definitely one thing that I want to start capturing more of, and especially cool candid reactions like this one.

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