Jennifer, so nice to meet you!

I thought this was a really funny assignment to do and I didn’t take it very seriously. I would definitely love to meet Jennifer Anniston though, as well as many other actors. I think actors could be some of the coolest people because they all have to have great personalities, that’s literally how they make their living!

I would be curious to see how genuine many of the actors out there are, seeing as they have to manipulate their personalities quite often. I wonder how true to life and consistent their real-life personality would be with the characters they play?

I relaized doing this and a few of the other recordings that I definitely should invest in some higher quality recording solutions for myself for the future. I currently just use a gaming headset that I got when I bought my laptop, or I use the integrated laptop microphone, neither of which are top of the line.

One thought on “Jennifer, so nice to meet you!”

  1. I like how you centered some of your phrases around points about Jennifer Anniston. It helped make it feel more like a real conversation rather than you just talking at it. For other recording solutions if you live or can get to the Fredericksburg campus there are microphones you can check out at the HCC or theres also a vocal booth as well there.

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