I Spy With My Little Eye…

To everyone whom you ask the question, “Who’s your favorite spy?”, you will most likely receive the answer of either Jason Bourne or James Bond. And rightfully so! Who in their right mind doesn’t love and desire to be the most suave operator to ever exist? Making grown women swoon with a slight smirk and grown men quiver in their boots with a devilishly smooth pistol-whip. Now imagine doing this all while being virtually non-existent, no records, no paperwork, like a ghost making himself known, accomplishing his mission and taking as he desires, and ┬áthen vanishing like a magician in his own smoke bomb. Very suave indeed.


However, the answer you will receive from myself when asked the same question, will be very different. “AUSTIN POWERS BABY”, will be very similar in style and tone of my answer. Why? Because why not! Austin Powers has the same smooth moves and devilishly good looks, all the while being devastatingly hilarious and down right clever. Not to mention the fact that he’s British. It’s really a no-brainer at this point. What more do I have to say about this James Bond on comic steroids?

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