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The Underwater Monkey Biker Gang was a notoriously rowdy group. They only had one “soft” habit: they gave out badges for tasks assigned to group members.

The top two members in the Gang, holding the most badges, compete for the top Gang Member spot. The winner gets the ability to use the groups only water tank to surface and walk on land. The loser has to jump down the Mariana’s Trench.

The final task of the group was to steal another water tank from a rival gang for a reward of FIVE badges. Seeing this as a major task to prove his worth, Jingles decided to try the heist first. Unfortunately, one of the gang members that was in competition for the top two spots got captured in another place during Jingle’s heist. He ended up ratting out Jingles! This was his reaction to being so close to being top monkey…

The result was that Jingles ended up as the monkey with the second highest badge count and because he was imprisoned from being tattled on, couldn’t compete in the final challenge. He was automatically the loser and as soon as he returned to the gang, he was greeted with the following reception…

Down went Jingles into the Trench. RIP.

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