Blitz the Design!

This is the result of my first “design blitz,” and it was challenging coming up with impromptu photos that incorporated noticeable and applicable design elements.

This first one is a whiteboard in our apartment and noticeably uses typography to display major or important parts of the board, such as bold letters for the FIFA 17 title and then underlining each specific name for distinction.


This was a picture of my closet and I thought it was kind of interesting. I’m not entirely sure why the flash on my camera still cast a weird shadow on the bottom right, however the colors and focus of this image is interesting to me. The photo is definitely dominated by the colors, the flashes of the shirt and sweatshirt in the middle, the orange and yellow in the top right, and the intermittent colors throughout. They draw attention to themselves simply because a lot of what I wear is grey or a darker color. My sheets are gre-blue, as are my towels and it happens to be my favorite color and shade of blue. I just think, especially with the use of bright light, how distinct the colors demand attention in the picture and change the focal ¬†points of it.


This picture isn’t exactly fair and accurate of everyday life, but is completely asymmetric. Of course the two sides aren’t the same size, but it offsets the sink from the majority of the counter and clearly indicates, “Hey, this side is bigger for you to use more.” Typically when I see asymmetric pictures, I look at the absence or lack thereof and ask and wonder why that came to be. In this case, logically, you want the most amount of counter space as possible while maintaining pleasing visuals as a countertop- sink combo.


This is another sort of representation of color and dominance. Interestingly enough, blue happened to be the dominant object in this picture, my favorite color. However, I would argue that the bold red stands out more, and it’s positioning is more favorable for itself being a focal point in the image.



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