Advice Incoming!

Heyo prospective ds106 students!

Here’s some critical things you should know before taking this class:

  • Your quality of work and pride in your work will be directly proportional to the amount of time you put into this class. If you want to skate by and not actually make anything cool or anything you’re really proud of, don’t take this class.
  • This class is so relaxed, it can hard to take seriously. If you’re not an overly creative person, like myself, you may have difficulty coming up with ideas and finding the drive to create cool things. I was lucky enough to enjoy my work in this class once I figured out what kinds of things I enjoy making.
  • Do not wait until the morning of the due date to read the week’s assignments, because there is work that is required to be done throughout the week that you can’t do in one night.
  • Be sure to collaborate with people in the class and share tips and tricks, that’s the absolute best way to learn new creative techniques and processes.
  • Take advantage of the group projects, they’re much more fun and hands on when everyone is motivated and on the same page about what has to be done.
  • Have fun with this class. If you don’t enjoy being open and silly on the internet, this may not be the best environment for you. It’s supposed to be relaxing and creative and free, not structured and locked-down.

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