Sleuthy Summary 14

This is it. My last sleuthy summary of the year! Kind of a sad moment if I’m honest.

This was definitely a cool class that exposed me to many new digital studies. I also really got to explore some creativity that I never knew I was capable of. With a lot of my ideas, I tend to keep them contained and never act on them, but this class really got me to open up and make some really cool projects. Here’s a couple tips for the incoming class:

Advice Incoming!

My final project turned out kinda cool in my opinion. It’s here:

The Final Battle.

I loved making the audio stories in other parts of the class and that didn’t change at all for this project. That’s exactly why I chose to make an audio clip, I enjoy it that much. This one turned out to be shorter because of time constraints. I was still able to add some decent little sound effects to it to make it more believable and I was overall happy with it. I definitely learned a lot more about this area and learned I have a sort of passion for it so it would seem.

Another part of my project that seemed to fill a gap was making the logo for Aaron Brand’s tax company. It was a minor design, but still sort of cool and ties the story together a little bit more, makes it slightly more complete. Another neat design piece I half made was the Wanted poster. I found a website where I could enter in whatever I wanted to be on it and it would generate the poster, which was awesome.

The biggest part of this project for me was the sort of storybook I made with pictures. I purposely made small caption-like comments for each of the pictures because they needed to be simple and I wanted the focus to be on the pictures. The pictures were all mine from earlier this year that I had taken of my life and events. There were a couple of pictures that I wanted to use but couldn’t quite tie into the story. Overall the “mission” was short, but it got accomplished in glorious fashion.

Again, I really liked this class. I love learning about digital things and technology, and this was an awesome introductory environment to do so in.

Signing off of ds106 but never truly gone,

-Kevin Burkehalter (Kevin France)

The Final Battle.

This is Aaron Brand. The Accountant, is what they call him.

He says he just does people’s taxes. Last time I checked murder and theft weren’t on a W-2 form. This guy has to be stopped, and I’ve been itchin’ to deal out a healthy dose of justice. Here’s my one and only chance to stop this evil-doer.

Below is the logo of his supposed tax preparation company… I have intelligence to prove the entire company is a front for hired murder of individuals.

This is a tapped phone call that I acquired through my investigation. The evidence speaks for itself.

Who am I? I need no introduction, you know who I am. You know why I’m here. You know what I do. Let’s tango.


The way that the Accountant has been manipulating people has been masterful. He knows each step to make, like a practiced pianist flows through Beethoven.


It’s a good thing I’ve trained years for this. All my preparation is leading to the take-down of a master. I will not be manipulated. Burkehalter shall fell Goliath.


There he is. Relaxing with so called “friends”.  Little do they know who he really is… This is the time to strike. The final blow shall be dealt.


Sparks flew as we clashed. The sheer energy and power between us was almost unbearable.


The hard fought battle is over. The world is rid of a pest. He is no more. Recovery for me will be long and painful. But there is no price for justice.


Freedom among those victimized was immediately apparent. The bond has been broken, friend. Celebrate with me!


Advice Incoming!

Heyo prospective ds106 students!

Here’s some critical things you should know before taking this class:

  • Your quality of work and pride in your work will be directly proportional to the amount of time you put into this class. If you want to skate by and not actually make anything cool or anything you’re really proud of, don’t take this class.
  • This class is so relaxed, it can hard to take seriously. If you’re not an overly creative person, like myself, you may have difficulty coming up with ideas and finding the drive to create cool things. I was lucky enough to enjoy my work in this class once I figured out what kinds of things I enjoy making.
  • Do not wait until the morning of the due date to read the week’s assignments, because there is work that is required to be done throughout the week that you can’t do in one night.
  • Be sure to collaborate with people in the class and share tips and tricks, that’s the absolute best way to learn new creative techniques and processes.
  • Take advantage of the group projects, they’re much more fun and hands on when everyone is motivated and on the same page about what has to be done.
  • Have fun with this class. If you don’t enjoy being open and silly on the internet, this may not be the best environment for you. It’s supposed to be relaxing and creative and free, not structured and locked-down.

Final Week Progress

For the final week, I ran a twitter poll for Agent Aaron Brand AKA The Accountant:

Based on the result of this, I will develop a story related to item 1,2 and 4. The plan for now is that The Accountant will either be the double agent or come into contact with another double agent. They will also be working in and around Canada. How does Prof. Bond play into this situation with the Accountant and the Russians? These are all going to tie together nicely.

Of course, the real challenge here will be if I want to incorporate older material into my story, or just create all new material, which seems like the best idea at the moment.


Sleuth Summary 12

This week was cool, I enjoyed the mashups. I wish I was better and more ambitious about the video mashups, but I don’t have a great grasp on it, or a great software choice. So I stuck with images, which I really enjoy fiddling with.

My daily creates are here:

Here are my mashups:

Logo Mashup

Consumer Mashup

Spy Emoji Mashup

Aaaaaand my remix. I definitely think this was one of the goofiest things I’ve made thus far.



This remix was just really funny to me. I personally don’t like cats much, which made it cringe worthy to me, and in addition to that, I hate lime-green and sappy quotes. Not a big Shakespeare guy.

This was really simple to make, but still fun as always. I first searched for some short Shakespeare quote, of which there was no shortage. Then I searched for some cheesy/silly cat pictures and again, there is no shortage of those. And I put this masterpiece together in MS Paint. Enjoy.

Spy Emoji Mashup

This photo was taken while at a top secret spy meeting. This is my colleague, Agent 00009. This shot of him is currently classified and is by no means allowed to be seen by any outsider of the organization for fear of recognition.

During this picture, we were discussing the potential outcomes and risks associated with dropping the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb. This was the face of a man genuinely concerned for everyone’s well being, the face of a man who heavily weighed his options, not taking any bias or favoritism into consideration. This was a decision maker. This was Agent 00009.

Consumer Mashup

These two logo mashups were great. The North Face is one of many people’s, including my own, favorite brands and is known for it’s really simple text logo. The cliff logo is from Prudential Financial and is also relatively clean and simple.

Choosing all black made things really simple and made the overall design and look of these mashups even better in my opinion.

The second mashup is of the Playboy Bunny, which I always thought to be funny, and IHOP. Because what else do Playboy bunnies eat? This one was definitely more humorous than the first, but kept the same simple all black stripped-down type of design aspect that I think works incredibly well in todays markets.

Logo Mashup

Originally, my family and I are from Cleveland and we’re all into sports. So naturally, I knew which couple of teams I could pick from for this assignment.

This logo is the Cleveland Cavaliers sword logo, mashed up with the Cleveland Browns name and colors. Turned out really cool actually! I was surprised.

I would love to see some creativity like this in actual leagues, however it would definitely cause some controversy to die hard fans. They identify with one team and ONE TEAM only. However, if there were to be a farm system created for the NFL or NBA, like the MLB currently has, the leagues could definitely look to the fans for inspiration. Many of the current Minor League baseball teams have fan picked logos and mascots, which is an awesome point of pride for a city.

The Mission.

I’m honestly not sure what sort of mission we need… Sooooo I’m gonna assume a theme for the upcoming year…?

I personally liked the spy theme! However, I’m a huge fan of magic, and I personally think there is even more creativity in that sort of “field” if you will.

While there are countless spy themed movies and books and such, they’re all similar in structure and theme. Magic however, is a little different in my eyes. There are so many different types of magic and backgrounds in magic, as well as time-periods that can be used. Magic isn’t officially a reality (other than quantum-physics haha) so there isn’t any real boundaries like there is for being a spy.